The Beats – Production

appwikc - producingProducing or beat making is one of the major corner stones in Hip Hop, it sets the tone for the song, some artists even lean on the beat to make up where they are lacking in lyrics, it takes a long time to master this skill especially if you want to carve out a unique style that will separate you from the crowd, we’ll be bringing you beat making tutorials from some of the best producers in South Africa and you’ll get to hear what they have to say about software preferences, equipment, themes, the works.

appwikc - beat makingWith the rates on beats ranging from anything between R80K and R100K +, a lot of rappers are learning how to make beats and with the affordability of the software and some free options producing your own beats might not be such a bad idea, I have listed some of the software that we’ll be exploring and some of the producers that are worth noting:

My to 6 software

Magix Music Maker Premium, Logic Pro X, Cubase Elements, Reason Essentials 8, FL Studio 11, Ableton Live 9.

My top 10 producers

Anatii, COkayn Beats, SP Dubb Beats, Blass, Mash Beatz, Ruff, Tweezy, TR Beats, B1, Narcotic Beats.

Here’s a taste from SP Dubb Beats, let me know what you think, hit me up on twitter @appwikc_theguy