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S.G.O.D – The Cronicles of of Styla Gang

A street style journal profiling a creative collective from Soweto, by the name of Styla Gang. Showcasing a distinct look in their natural habitat & what they consider inspirational.

Que - Quickfass CassThis is one of those brands that came up in the most remarkable way; through word of mouth and curiosity; my first encounter with the brand was through Quickfass Cass (Que), at the time the brand was barely known but the name had a lasting impression on me; “GANG” printed on a yellow T-shirt, how could it not stick, so I began to watch the brand and how the S.G.O.D fam moved in the industry, they approached all the influencers, side note (some were not interested) but in no time everyone was wearing a GANG T-shirt or hoodie, the rest is history.

Styla Gang HoodieThis is written to acknowledge the workmanship of the select young group of South Africans that feel the need to create their own opportunities in a country where the majority of the youth is struggling to pay for tuition, depressed and unemployed, the urban or street fashion scene, music, modeling and acting industry will see the youth flood it and take over.

Gang Ladies Wear

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